Lari Antunes was born in São Paulo- Brazil and is much more than a singer and composer of beautiful songs. She brings in her work, the ability to interpret the wealth of human being. Whatever if it´s the samba, jazz or popular Brazilian music, where its roots settled since very young, always found the music as her truth and expression of her´s most special beauty: the human side to see and understand people in the world which they live.
While her voice leads us through the musical notes and pack in the lap of her dreams, Lari knows how to explore her natural actress´s gift to reinterpret and re-read the songs. Today her voice crosses the borders and steps distant lands, taking also her sweet way… so Brazilian… to see the world in partnerships and compositions in other languages such as English and Spanish. And breaks barriers, performing her greatest dream: to touch hearts and bring people together.

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Lari Antunes
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